Bicycle Repair

When your bike is in need of repair and/or a little love, there’s no better place to bring it than Union Bicycle. We employ some of the most experienced, talented bicycle mechanics in the country who each have their own individual unique skillset. Whether a simple cable adjustment or a complex suspension repair, we have the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem, make the repair and stand behind our work.

Bike Repair Service
Simple repairs like replacing a punctured tube or installing an accessory can generally be done while you wait. You should call ahead to make sure we have time to do your repair while you wait.

For most repairs you will need to leave your bike with us for at least 24 hours. When you bring your bike into our store, you will be given a repair assessment, price estimate and turnaround time for the repair. *In the event additional labor or parts are needed to complete the repair, prices may be adjusted and you will be notified.

New Bicycle 30-Day and 90-Day Tune-Up
Congratulations on the purchase of your new bicycle! Within the first 90 days after you receive your bicycle, you are entitled to two free bicycle tune-ups. In this time, your new bicycle will experience a “break-in” period where all of the cables will stretch and the bearing assemblies (headset, bottom bracket, hubs) will settle in. You may notice that the gears begin to skip and the bicycle generally loosens up slightly. This is normal and will be adjusted during your free tune-up. No appointment is necessary for this tune-up, but Union Bicycle will have to keep your bicycle for 24 hours to complete the work.

Labor Rates

All rates are based on a shop rate of $90 per hour. The minimum service charge is $10.00.


Our Tune-up Includes:

  • Adjusting gears and brakes.
  • True and tension the wheels.
  • Adjustment of the bottom bracket, headset and wheel hub bearings.
  • Lubricate the chain.

Bicycle Tune-up: $89.99
Bicycle Tune-up with Cleaning*: $125.99
BMX Tune-up: $59.99
*Cleaning includes wiping down drivetrain (crankset, chain, cassette, and derailleurs).

Last minute tune-up? Inquire about our rush service.

Electric Bicycles

Bike Build: $200 – $250+
Software Update: $75 (for bikes that we sell)
Rear Flat Tire Repair: $25 – $35


  • Fork Labor: $65 – $100
  • Rear Suspension Labor
    • Single Pivot Overhaul: $50 – $60
    • Multi Pivot Overhaul: $65 – $100

Wheels & Hubs

Flat Repair: $15 – $25
Wheel True: $25 – $35
Hub Adjust: $25
Glue on Tubular Tire (does not include tire or glue): $40

NOTE: Some Electric bikes may require more labor.

Hub Overhauls

Front Hub: $18
Rear Hub: $20 – $35
Internally Geared Hub: $50

Wheel Builds

Front Wheel: $50
Rear Wheel: $50
Specialty Wheels (i.e. tubeless, etc.): $80+

NOTE: Deep Dish Rims require more labor.


Derailleur Adjustment: $15
Derailleur Replacement: $20
Derailleur Hangar Alignment: $20
Replace Cassette: $15
Replace Chain: $15
Replace Externally Routed Cable: $15
Replace Internally Routed Cable: $20
Replace Cable and Adjust w/Specialty (i.e. Nokon, etc.) Cable: $25
Rebuild Ergo Lever (each): $50
Install STI/Ergo levers (road or mountain): $75
Install MTB shifters: $35


Adjust Front or Rear or Brake: $15
Replace Externally Routed Cable: $15
Replace Internally Routed Cable: $20
Replace Cable and Adjust w/Specialty (i.e. Nokon, etc.) cables: $25
Replace Brake Pads (all types) – price per wheel: $15
Replace non-STI/Ergo levers: $35

Mechanical Disc Brakes

Installation Set-Up – per wheel price: $30

Hydraulic Rim & Disc Brakes

Installation Set-Up & Bleed – per wheel price: $55
Bleed Only – per wheel price: $40
Mill Brake Caliper Mounts – per wheel price: $50

Headset & Bottom Bracket

Adjust Bottom Bracket or Headset: $15-$40
Repack/Replace Bottom Bracket or Headset: $30-$60
Install fork (includes cutting steer tube): $40-$55
Install fork w/ headset install: $60
Removal or installation of cups in frame only: $15-$50
Removal of seized Bottom Bracket (per hour): $65-$75

Bicycle Boxing/Shipping

Pack a Bicycle in a Box (prepare for shipping): $65 – $110
Assemble Bicycle from Bike Box: $90 – $250

Accessory Installation

Change Stem and/or Handlebar: $20 – $40
Tape Handlebars: $25
Rear Rack: $15
Baby Seat (purchased from Union Bicycle): $20
Fenders: $25
Kickstand: $10
Aerobars: $20 – $40
All other accessories: $10+

Cycle Computer Installation

Computer install Single/Dual Pickup: $20 – $25
Computer battery install and reprogram: $15
All Other Electronic Services (i.e. SRM, etc.) per hour: $65

Tubeless Conversion

Making your mountain bike, fat bike, and/or cyclocross bike tubeless is a great way to reduce pinch flats and improve ride quality.
Tubeless-Ready Setups: $25+ (per wheel)
Non-Tubeless Ready Conversions: $50+ (per wheel)

NOTE: Valves, Rim Tape and Sealant not included.